Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sweet Summertime

OK, maybe not so sweet when it’s too hot to do anything outside – and we haven’t even hit the 90’s yet. Thankfully I got some help putting in my window air conditioner today which provides much needed relief! We didn’t have air conditioning in the home I grew up in and I remember retreating to the lowest level of our split level home seeking the cooler air. I’m thankful that Colorado is dry and humidity is rarely a problem. Still, I think I may move downstairs to the guest room during the hot spells that I know are coming (I say that every year, but this year by George I may just get smart and do it).

Summer vacations are in full swing and I have a houseful of company this week. We’ve been busy playing tourist and running all over the Front Range. Next week I’ll be the one travelling to a family reunion on my mom’s side of my family. I won’t be back until July, which is just around the corner already. It will be a road trip that will take me through the Black Hills of South Dakota and I’m planning to make some photography stops. If I have a chance I’ll post a photo or two next week, otherwise you may not see an update for a week or so. Enjoy the rest of June!


LillyShayStyle said...

Howdy Neighbor! I'm in WY! I love the Black Hills, we're hoping to make a trip there this summer as well.
It was 94 degrees here today, ehh.