Monday, June 8, 2009

Spring Hail

We’ve been having wonderful Spring weather in Colorado, and by that I mean it’s anything goes! Just about every afternoon you can count on some rain clouds building up over the mountains until they can’t hold any more and it pours for all of about 10 minutes or so! Sunday the weather was wildly unsettled with tornados on the plains and hail at my home in the foothills. Hail is pretty common here due to the elevation. I treasure these Spring rain storms because I know that soon it will turn hot and dry. But for now, everything is green and the sky is a wonder to watch.


Little Dickens Designs said...

Wow! We so rarely get hail where I live. Plenty of snow, ice and rain, but not much actual hail.

Fun to watch though. When you know it's not putting big dents in your car!

cabin + cub said...

It usually rains here a little bit in June, except this year its been super summery and hot.. perhaps global warming?

julochka said...

we had hail last week too! in denmark. and it looked a lot like that. what's up with the weather these days?