Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long Weekend, Short Trip

Sorry for the long absence, but I took advantage of the long weekend to make a short trip to see a dear friend in California. The best part is I missed all the rain here and enjoyed perfect sunny skies! While in California I got my toes painted, drank some Sangria, and laughed myself silly - well worth the trip! Now I need a week (or four) to recover! Do you think they'd miss me at work? Thankfully this is a short week. The trick is to take the laughter and the love from this last weekend and stretch it out. Every time I look at my "fancy feet" I'll remember my visit and feel good inside. I'll be reminded to nurture the parts of myself that are uniquely me; the quirky parts, the talented parts and even the flawed parts. Because it's the flawed parts that make room for another person to come in and make you better than you are on your own.



Lauren Jade said...

ohh im so jealous!! I grew up in cali, left for school in the south and haven't been home in 7 months...im itching to go back!! :) glad you enjoyed it. sounds fun.