Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Office

Have you ever had a day that left you feeling like a failure at your job? Today was not so great. I made a mistake. Actually, I made the mistake last year but I just caught it yesterday. I compounded that mistake by not fessing up to my boss right away (Note to self: Bring potentially bad situations to your boss’s attention before he gets a call from the client).

My reward was a visit to the principal, er, I mean the boss’s office to explain what happened. For the rest of the afternoon I felt like a big fat failure whose lousy at her job.  I’m sure I can shake it off by tomorrow. And I did learn some important lessons. Now I have to step it up and bring my “A” game. Man, I hate phrases like that!


Art-by-MSR said...

We ALL have days like that! Learn from it, and move on...NO ONE'S PERFECT!!!