Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Here! It's Here!

My new version of Adobe Photoshop has arrived! Yes, I know that Photoshop CS4 is out now and this is only CS3, but at half the price or less it will do the trick for me.

Ok, here's the story. In December I bought myself a Christmas present - a brand new Canon 50D camera body to replace my 20D. Oh, happy me! I quickly shot a few test images and raced to my computer to see how they looked. The anticipation turned to dismay when I realized that CS2 does not recognize the new RAW format! To make matters worse, my computer failed to install the Canon software that would provide a workaround. I certainly hadn't planned on spending hundreds of dollars more on a new version of Photoshop, so CS3 is my compromise. It still wasn't cheap, but I'm told it will read my 50D images with the correct download. I have to wait until Saturday to install it and my biggest fear is that something will go wrong. After all, the Canon software wouldn't install, so maybe it's a problem with my machine. I'll just cross my fingers and keep you posted!


judÄ— said...

congrats on your new camera purchase!! I have a friend who bought the 50D and loves it. I still have the 20D and last summer - for a very brief 2 months - owned the original 5D which I LOVED. Unfortunately, I had built a huge bill at a frame shop for 42 framed and matted photos for a show I had. I felt it was best to sell the 5D and pay it off. I"m hoping it goes on sale BIG soon because of the new 5D Mark II which is 21 mgp.

Or I could win the lotto! lol

congrats again...

It's Just Me said...

Yeah, new things are so fun. Besides by the time you bought the new version it would already be old!

Boutique By Bonnie said...

It seems I purchased the dvd verson of CS3, and my PC does not have a dvd drive. Argh! I will now have to buy yet another item. If I get a burner, at least I can use it to backup my images.