Thursday, February 19, 2009

I got a package today!

Display 002

I love coming home and seeing a package waiting for me! Today it was a box from Fire Mountain Gems and inside was my new jewelry display bust! She’s 19” high and has a pierced ear so people can finally see how my earrings will look on an (almost) actual ear. She’s so sculptural and elegant I won’t mind leaving her out 24/7. I should probably give her a name so let me know if you have any suggestions!

Now the big question, do I RETAKE all the photos in my etsy store using the new bust? I can tell you the answer is “No” for now. Think 90 items times an average of four photos each… I don’t have the time or energy! I do hope to give my store a more consistent look over the next year as I combine this display with just one or two backgrounds. If I decide to retake photos at some point, I’ll hold an “Inventory Reduction Sale” first or have a Trunk Sale for my coworkers.

Now what to name her? Maybe something French…


Barbara said...

Antoinette? :)

I think you should consider reshooting one or two of your pieces (like the brecc jasper, the chrysocolla and flowers, and/or the beads of joy) -- because they're long or need showing off.

I think the beads of joy would give you a chance to show off just how long it is.... and the brecc jasper would really pop showing off its drape.

(and I really like the "Pearl Heaven" piece. So I had to mention it. *g*)

Dave Robertson said...

Hmm, name that bust...can we find out the names of any of those women who posed for Picasso's cubist paintings?? There's a remote similarity :)

at Rings & Things

Southern Girl said...

What about Monique?