Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home Again

I’ve returned home from my road trip with a few mosquito bites, a bit of a tan and a lot of memories. I even made a sale in my etsy store while I was gone. chunky green braceletA bracelet very similar to the one in this photo sold. That always seems to happen when I’m away for a few days! It must be the watched pot phenomenom.

Tomorrow I go back to my day job, but I think the break has done me good. In fact, I vote that we all get five weeks of vacation a year instead of two!


On a Roll said...

When I lived and worked in England, I received 25 paid holiday days a year from the very start! In addition to up to 13 weeks of sick time (anything less than 3 days in a row off didn't even need a doctor's note). It was crazy, and crazy good of course.

5erg said...

Looks like you had a great time:) A little "Etsy transactions" note is a great thing to notice on your mail box, isn't it:)
Best of luck to you!