Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Pieces!

It’s been weeks since I made any new pieces, so today I took advantage of the dreary weather and took some time to create. I managed to create or finish off eight new pieces! The shorter days mean I need to think about boosting the inventory in my Etsy store for Christmas. Let’s hope it’s a good season for handmade this year.


These wire earrings took me a long time because I’m not great at wire work! They’re a variation on a design I saw in a jewelry makers magazine.


Sticking with the copper theme, these are the first ear wires that I’ve made by hand. The stones are a green jade.


Alicia Istanbul said...

I like the wire work and design on the first pair. And the beads in the second pair are very pretty.

Kylie B said...

Oh wow beautiful!

cabin + cub said...

Pretty! I am always amazed by such intricate wire work. ;)

Lost Mitten said...

Beautiful earrings!

Miss Eve said...

Beautiful pieces!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, cheers: Evi