Monday, March 2, 2009

Jewelry for MEN!

I took an “offline” weekend for myself – did you miss me? I did manage to make some jewelry, and for the first time I specifically set out to make Men’s jewelry. Here’s what happened. In my last big bead order I guess I didn’t pay close attention to the description of these blackstone beads. I ended up getting several strands of beads that were WAY too big to use in any of my usual jewelry. My only way out was to make them into Men’s necklaces and hope they would sell. Now, I see guys wearing necklaces all the time, but I don’t know their shopping habits. Do they buy their own? Do their girlfriend’s or wives buy them? Do they buy online?


So the great experiment begins. I will be listing six necklaces at a special price in my shop and have even given them their own Section. I made them in simple, masculine patterns and all of them are 18” or larger to accommodate those burly necks! Of course, any necklace can be unisex in my opinion, but these will be aimed specifically at men. The stone beads are fairly heavy, so the accent beads are all lightweight wood or nut beads. I think the weight can be an advantage in Men’s jewelry so they don’t feel they’re wearing something dainty.

I’m not expecting these to fly off the shelves (February was a very slow month for me). But I’m happy to offer a new line in my Etsy store that that not every jewelry shop will have.


judė said...

I think it looks very nice and I can see some young men wearing them. In fact, I've seen high school and college-age men wearing jewelry - probably more than older - and I think this piece is an excellent example of what they would choose. Good luck with your new line!

Cris said...

I think it is a great idea. My 17 year old son wears similar necklaces with striped shirts over tee shirts. That is his look--I think the kids call it "preppy". Good luck. PS I think February has been slow for everyone!

HareAndDrum said...

terrific idea! I knew a guy who looked incredibly sexy wearing a similar necklace just peeking from under his shirt, two top butting undone. Aaaah, the memories!

Anonymous said...

I like it...I know a lot of men who would wear it...good luck with your new line.

Carolyn (addtwist) said...

Looks very Californian imo :)

Good luck with it!